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eXalt is a new dance company being formed in partnership with the TIRED movement.

eXalt's three main aims are
1.To promote the empowerment of dancers identifying as female through teaching 'Parisian Chic’’, reinforcing body confidence and reclaiming fe- male sexuality in dance
2.To increase accessibility to the ‘Parisian Chic’ technique for Global Ma- jority dancers
3. To create the UK’s first fully diverse “Rockettes” style dance company

If you are interested in finding out more, we are holding some free taster classes at Base Dance Studios, London

Sunday March 6th 11am to 12.30pm

Sunday April 3rd   11am to 12.30pm


Thursford Christmas Spectacular           
2012 to current

P&O Cruise Line

AJL Theatrical 2016 to current

Celebrity Cruise Line

Sensatori Resorts

Timeless Theatre Productions

UK Productions

Revival Live Productions

Butlins Skyline Gang

42nd Street, dance captain  UK Tour
Anything Goes, dance captain. UK Tour
Moulin Rouge
Lido de Paris

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